About me

Hi! My name is Denis, a 17-year old web designer, graphic designer, music producer and video editor. I developed my skills since when I was 13, and from then I made a lot of youtube videos, banners, avatars, photo edits, music and websites for free.

I use the lastest tools for making high quality content (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, FL Studio and for coding Visual Studio Code ). Now I want to gain experience in my niches. I am a fast-learner if I am doing what I am looking for. I am a very sociable person, I am serious when needs and I usually make jokes.

This year (2020) I realised that I have to be professional. To make something bigger. I never wanted to be a graphic designer, I always wanted to make websites and photo edits in Photoshop. But somehow I observed that I needed .png images for my projects. So I started to use Illustrator. I saw that I am making great progress, so I started to make better and better images and illustrations. Now I am developing new techniques for stationery products such as business cards, certificates, invitations, books, ebooks and more. I am also a reading addicted. I LOVE PAPER :)


Why only 5$?

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Because I am a begginer, and if you don't like I don't want to make you say that you lost your money worthless. For now I want to make progress in my niche, so I work for the client, not for the money.

What application do I use?

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Adobe Illustrator most of the time and Photoshop when I need to.

Am I trustable?

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Yes. If you want to see my personal life you can check my Instagram account named @deniss.mp3

Do you make other stuff?

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Yes, about graphic design I make literally anything I can, I am always developing new skills that help me perform in my career. In my everyday life I am a guitarist and passionate reader.

Why unlimited revisions?

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Because I want you to get the product you desire for.

What is a concept?

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A concept is the same template of the product, but slightly or totally changed. For example, I made your product with the text in left, this is the first concept. The concept number two is with the same text in right and the font is changed. The third concept is with the text changed and the colors are different.

Do you want more concepts?

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No problem, I will work until you are fully satisfied with the product.

What about your personal info?

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My full name is Denis Cosmin Antonic─â. I was born at 16 June of 2003. I am from Romania.

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I will make you a business card

This pack includes the business card in any size and format you want. I am opened to inconveniences, so UNLIMITED REVISIONS.

Starting at: 5$

I will make a professional participation certificate

This pack includes the certificate, in any size you want, at full quality, A4 or any type of paper.

Starting at: 5$

I will make a double sided business card

High quality double-sided business card with a number of concepts.

Starting at: 10$

Do you have another type of project or you are looking for a service? Contact me at:

E-mail: notreallywd@gmail.com

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